PR PS 3 - Calhau footpath
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Distance0,5 km (+0,5 km regresso/return)
Duration30 m
Maximum Height80 m
Minimum Height0 m
StartFonte d´Areia
EndFonte d´Areia
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This trail begins at the Regional Highway and is characterised by its descent along the face of the fossil cliff of Fonte da Areia to the Calhau beach.

The spectacular sandy cliff sculpted by the wind over the years is a good example of the effects of wind erosion, which is found on the island of Porto Santo.

As you begin your descent, you come across a fountain dated 1843, which is obviously responsible for the origin of the name of the place. In years past, this water was greatly appreciated for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, being used to supply the residents of Camacha. Today, the water is not suitable for drinking.

A few steps further on, there is a small belvedere on the right that has an impressive view of the sea cliffs on the north side of the island.

The local residents consider the Calhau beach an excellent fishing spot, and use it frequently.

The vegetation found along this trail is essentially herbaceous and includes some rare plants, such as Limonium ovalifolium and sea spurge (Euphorbia paralias L.).

The path zig-zags down to the rocky beach. Access to the sea is not always safe, not only because of the wave action, but also because of the rocks in this beach area. Content yourself with the blue of the water and the horizon and admire the small islets that can be seen from here.

No springs en route, carry drinking water.